MATH299W: Mathematics and Art


origami turtles and butterflies made by students

Welcome! This is the MATH299W: Mathematics and Art (MART) course website. This site is mostly here for informational purposes. Current students of MATH299W should check the Canvas page for class communications.

About the Class

MATH299W will be held this Spring 2023 in ESJ2309, every Thursday between 1:00pm - 1:50pm.


Check out the syllabus here! The highlights are:


Why Should You Take Mathematics and Art?

Past Work

Here are works some students have made (for their final projects) in the past:


Modular Origami Ocosahedron (6½ x 6½ x 6½ in) made of brightly-colored paper Sonobe units, CC, Fall 2022


Origami Tessellations, Danjing Chen, Paper, Fall 2022

The Mathrooms (Found Footage)

Oliver Adkins, Video 1280x720px 24fps, Fall 2022 (click the image to see the video ^ ! )


Ambient Occlusion in 3D Renderings, Ryan Punith, 1920x1080px, Fall 2022


Untitled, Kobe Wang, 8.5x11in Coloring Pencil, Fall 2022


Coding Audio Visualizers in Python, Philip Wu, Fall 2022


If you have any questions, or would like to know more, email or

sidenote: you will see that this class is sometimes referred to as “Art and Mathematics”. this is because it makes the class seem less scary. we typically opt for “Mathematics and Art”, however, because if you take the M from Mathematics and combined it with “Art” -> you get “MArt”, which is a really funny word.